Real Estate Development - Stay 'In Control' and look ahead

Managing risk and forecasting cash flows are essential in real estate development. But are you tired of it taking up a lot of time? Spreadsheet errors, changing plannings, unexpected expenses – you name it.

With the Reasult software, you can quickly and accurately assess the feasibility of your projects and keep control of the progress of planning, costs, revenues, results, returns and risks. This gives you time for good analyses and input into the decision-making process. In short: better decisions thanks to better information.

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Streamlined & efficient process in one place

The Reasult software supports the development process from initial feasibility analysis to completion. By entering a few details, such as the building programme and sales value, you already have an initial estimate of costs, yields and returns. Cash flows are plotted over time. You can compare several scenarios or refine your calculations.

Get direct insight into the forecast, budget, commitments and actuals. This leads automatically to an adjusted forecast. The software has a process support so that everyone calculates, records and reports uniformly and transparently.

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“We now have an even better overview of all the projects with the overheads, cash flows, returns, forecasts and so on. It also includes the tax scenario.”

Spend time on important decisions

    • Save time: get a quick overview of the feasibility and progress of all your projects!
    • Make better decisions: make reliable forecasts and analyses and substantiate the scenarios
    • Stay in control: limit risks through automated project and cash flow planning
    • Be organised: no spreadsheets, efficient working methods and all project calculations are stored centrally
    • Be transparent: auditable process, compliant to regulations
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Reasult Projects

The SaaS platform for project development and finance.
For an automated and data-driven Planning & Control cycle.

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Projects Essentials
Projects Professional
Projects Enterprise
Financial planning of cash flows, costs, revenues and returns
Project planning of phases, activities and milestones
Feasibility analyses including scenario analysis
Workflow and reports for approval decisions
Workflow and reports for periodic budget process (monthly/quarterly)
Cost control and Actuals

Actuals for Professional via automated Excel import. Enterprise via a customised interface with various ERP systems.


Actuals only
Aggregated Financial Company Planning

Cash flow planning at corporate level where costs, revenues of all legal entities can be aggregated and also non-project related costs can be included.

Cost structure
Standard cost structure
Self-adjusting cost structure
Standard reports
Standard reports
Customised reports possible
Service and Project management
Hosting optional
Contract period
12 months
12 months
To be discussed

Project Feasibility

Make feasibility analysis, financial plans, project plans and scenario analyses. Gain insight into cash flows, costs, revenues and returns. Determine potential value and monitor risks.

Project Control

Support decision-making and the planning & control cycle with fixed workflows and reports. Monitor the forecast, actuals and cash flow of projects and record approval decisions and periodic reports.

Reporting & Analyses

Easily create analyses or reports for internal purposes and external accountability. Exporting data and consolidated cash flow reports are also possible.

Company Planing

Plan cash flows at corporate level. Enrich these with non-project related cash flows such as overheads, loans and tax payments.

Project history

Always an overview of all projects, from initiative to evaluation, structured and secured in the database. Uniform recording with version management.

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