Cookies and privacy settings Reasult

Reasult uses cookies. The cookies on this website are set to ‘enable cookies’ to give you the best possible experience. This is because we use cookies to compile information about your use and to therefore optimise your user experience.

You are of course free to disable these cookies via settings > content settings > cookies > all cookies and site data, by saving these settings and unchecking them.

We configured the following to make Google Analytics privacy-friendly for your use.

  1. Data processing agreement with Google, so we are the data’s owner.
  2. Your IP address is anonymised.
  3. Data sharing with Google is disabled
  4. We do not share data with Google used for advertising purposes.

In addition to the matters mentioned above, you can choose to disable Google Analytics measurements:

You can disable Google Analytics measurements via this link

We use a registration form to acquire new newsletter subscribers. If you subscribe to this newsletter you will receive information about interesting subjects related to Reasult.

In addition, we use the user ID function in Google Analytics aimed at e-mail subscribers. With this we can determine individual user behaviour, which is focused on the newsletter in our case.

Reasult only uses the user ID function to improve the user-friendliness of our newsletter and to increase the quality of the newsletter’s content. You can allow/deny permission upon subscription.

You can of course always unsubscribe to our newsletter. Our e-mail system then automatically removes all your personal data.

Reasult also makes use of Remarketing. Our aim is to provide visitors to our websites with information that is as relevant to him or her as possible. This is why we try to adapt our sites to each individual user as much as we can. Not only do we do this via the content of our websites, but also via the advertisements we show. We divide our users into groups with similar interests and thus try to offer our visitors optimum content.