Our service desk has a new portal!

With this new service desk portal we can handle yout tickets better and respond to them even faster. You can easily follow the status of your tickets, see previous tickets and view response times. Later on, we will expand this portal with FAQs, software manuals and releases. In short, everything in one place.

Servicedesk Reasult

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View tickets

View tickets

Support by phone

You can also call us on
+31 (0) 318 67 29 31

Tickets in our previous system

You can still view your old tickets in our previous system. New tickets will always be sent via our new portal. You can also email us at servicedesk@reasult.com.

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Remote help

To help you as quickly and easily as possible, we can ask you to share your screen with us. With your permission, our specialists can monitor via Teamviewer your screen remotely.

Please follow these steps when the service desk employee asks you to:

Start the module by clicking on the TeamViewer button on the left. This module requires no installation and no admin rights on your computer.

Your browser asks you to run the TeamViewerQS_Session.exe file. Click Yes to confirm this.


The screen below appears:

Provide the two numbers to the service desk employee so that he can active the secure connection.