Klaas Bosma succeeds Aart Zandbergen


reasult Klaas BosmaKlaas Bosma will succeed CEO Aart Zandbergen as of 1 January 2023. Aart Zandbergen was one of the founders of Reasult and has been leading Reasult since its inception in 2000. Klaas Bosma has been working at Reasult since June 2017 as Director Development & Operations and since the beginning of this year also as Lead Solution Director.

The need for alternatives to Excel was the reason for the start of Reasult, developer of real estate software, in 2000. At Nyenrode, ICT entrepreneur Aart Zandbergen met people from the real estate sector who asked him if things could be done differently. Aart Zandbergen had already founded a number of ICT companies and, together with experienced professionals from the real estate sector, started a company in real estate software. Under his leadership, Reasult has grown significantly over the past 22 years and has gone through a huge learning curve. There was an unprecedented start in which a number of large real estate developers trusted Reasult. In addition to software for project development, software for Asset Management, Valuation Management and Financial Planning have been added over time. Initially for the Dutch market, then also the Belgian, German and Swiss markets followed a few years ago.

Aart Zandbergen

Aart Zandbergen: “I confidently hand over the baton to Klaas Bosma. His vast experience in the areas where our clients are constantly working on improving their processes, reports and results makes him the ideal General Manager of Reasult for me.”
“In recent years, Aart has built Reasult into a very dynamic organization and a nice place to work. Enterprising, businesslike and above all human. In recent years we have developed a very strong proposition with leading products and leading customers. We are now building on that foundation with product development and expanding the market. The acquisition by Planon offers Reasult the opportunity to accelerate the realisation of our ambitions. We are expanding our proposition to include Property Management and leverage their experience and global presence. I am very much looking forward to leading Reasult, as part of Planon, in this new phase,” says Klaas Bosma.


Klaas Bosma

Klaas Bosma has over 20 years of experience in the field of project development, portfolio management and financial analyses. In his current role, Klaas is responsible for improving and broadening the services to Reasult’s customers, managing consultants and integrating software solutions. Especially the ‘unburdening’ of customers around the implementation and use of the software has been the spearhead in recent years. Before Klaas joined Reasult, he was responsible for the account services department at CBRE. Before that, he worked at Twynstra Gudde in the field of real estate economics and portfolio optimizations, both for providers and end users of real estate.

As of 1 January 2023, Reasult will become the full property of Planon. Reasult will continue to operate as an independent company, under its own brand name, under the flag of Planon. As of 1 January, Reasult’s management team will be as follows:
– Klaas Bosma, General Manager Reasult and Lead Solution Director Real Estate Management
– Jean Paul Vossers, Director Solutions and Services Real Estate Development
– Pierre Breuls, Software Development Director
– Bastiaan van der Mijl, Marketing Director
– Walter Wind, Sales Director.

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