In control of your real estate investment portfolio

For Asset Managers

Real estate is no longer considered a sound and risk-free investment by definition. During the boom of the real estate market investment decisions were made based on gut feeling and simple calculations on the back of a napkin. Those days are gone. There is an increasing need for transparency, control and risk management in real estate portfolios.  

Still the real estate market offers interesting investment opportunities. A deep understanding of the valuation process supported by the right tools is needed. This is why more and more real estate investors and asset managers choose Reasult. Approximately 20 billion euro in real estate assets is currently managed with our software solutions. 

Why Reasult

  • Leading asset management solution for real estate investors
  • Solid financial forecasting combined with flexible portfolio analysis tools
  • Insourcing of valuation process saves costs and increases transparency
  • All products are certified by one of the 4 big audit firms