In the current real estate market there is an increasing need for transparency, solid financial control and risk management. Directors of real estate organizations are accountable for their investment decisions and want to be fully in control of their portfolios. Exactly this is why the software solutions of Reasult are the most used for financial forecasting and analysis of real estate portfolios in the Netherlands. 

  • There is an increasing need for fast and accurate management information. With Reasult we have real-time insight in our real estate portfolio at the push of a button.
  • Smaller real estate portfolios can probably be managed in a spreadsheet model. We are a professional organization that manages more than ten thousand real estate units. It would be irresponsible to control that in Excel.
  • Three days of training was all it took for our people to work with Reasult software.
  • In the past, quarterly reporting was a hell of a job. Now, the required information is always available and we are sure the numbers are correct.